Crochet Doily Albums, Books and Covers

Lace Doily Albums, Books and Covers

First off, let’s learn how to dismantle doilies. Most of the time you will be probably using full doilies, but sometimes you may need to cut damaged doily into pieces. So how do you do that without ruining the whole doily? Like with everything else, there is a technique to do just that. Let’s see how to do it properly to save 99% of your doily:

If you don’t have doilies,or you don’t feel comfortable dismantling the ones you do have, you can buy ready-made appliques. They come in different shapes and sizes. You are sure to find what you need. Below is just some of them. You can buy them by clicking here or by clicking on the image below.

Embroidered crochet applique butterfly flower

You can purchase full new doilies here very cheaply.

Cream beige lace crochet doilies


3 Projects With Doilies

In her video Olivia presents her 3 stunning projects: round shaped book with pockets and vintage photographs of pretty Edwardian/Victorian ladies; gorgeous altered paper mache box with lovely lace inside, as well as outside. Her last project is altered heart, with spray painted trim.

Shabby Chic Book Made of Pillowcase

The second video is about a fabric book made out of pillow sham. A very pretty book and very clever idea to use pillow cover! I especially love the front and middle pages. Which page is your favourite?

Shabby Chic Book Cover

I watched this shabby chic book cover tutorial by Fiona glued to the screen. Fiona does wonderful step by step tutorials and makes you feel like you are just a friend who popped in for a cuppa watching her while she does her amazing creations.


Doilies And Lace Round Book

A darling book with lots of doilies, lace, and dangles made by Virginia for her friend. Her friend must have been thrilled!

Adorable Cupcake Doily Book by Linda

This doily book is tiny and so sweet. That’s the first cupcake book that I have ever seen,and the name is so fitting!

Vintage Doily Journal

The biggest and first custom project for Margaret from Canada. Made mostly with vintage doilies, laces, or even wedding dresses. It is quite a big book. I really like this old, vintage look to it. Margaret has died her supplies with tea, coffee, and avocado to achieve this wonderful vintage look.

“Frou Frou” Journal

This one is made by Margaret as well,and it is quite a unique doily book in that that it is quite dark with its peachy pink theme. Really lovely, don’t you think?

Home Sweet Home Book