Plant Pots – Adorable Small Plant Pots For Your Home

Miniature Ceramic Plant Pots

These small ceramic plant pots are seriously so cute, they make me want to buy some succulents so that I could plant them in those adorable miniature pots.

small flower pot ceramic

Wood Grain Flower Pots

Those vintage pumpkin wood grain flower pots will go very nicely with your shabby chic decor and cottage style interior.

ceramic pots

Cheap Plant Pots

Plastic plant pots are usually the cheapest option when it comes to flower pots, but they do come in different colours and shapes other than typical brown ones we get when we buy our plants. Below is a selection of some cute little plastic pots that they are available for your small plants:

Mini Round Shaped Plastic Pots

These lovely plastic plant pots are cheap and plastic but they do not look cheap and nasty. They are super cute and very practical too, as you can unscrew them and place water, plant food or seeds inside.

cheap plastic plant pots

Square Plastic Plant Pots

If you prefer a pot with a separate tray, this next option is for you. They also come in adorable pastel colours, and they are super affordable as well:

square plastic plant pots with tray

Novelty Plant Pots

Nursery Plant Pot

You can buy them here or by clicking the images below.

nursery pots nursery pots

Hanging baskets

Usually, hanging baskets don’t look as good as the ones below, so go get them if this design suits your taste! These little guys can also be used to store your clothes pegs, hanging fruit baskets or even in the bathroom for extra storage for your hair accessories and other little things etc. I had something similar in my small bathroom years ago, which I purchased in Paris,and it was a really helpful storage. I’m sure you can think of some other creative uses for them. In craft room, or kids room perhaps?

They can even be used in an office, attached underneath a shelf above your desk to keep your desk clutter free,but still provide you with storage for all your pens, pencils, clips and so on…

hanging baskets

Upside down hanging baskets

I didn’t even know such things existed till I started researching the topic of hanging planters. These ones are sure to spark a conversation! I could see them, especially in loft style apartments as they are so fun and cool looking. Go ahead add some fun to your balcony or patio. You will be a talk of a town with those at your front porch or on a balcony. Breaking the law of gravity with flowers? Why not? Let the fun begin. The upside down fun, that is. By the way, they are called sky planters. I wonder why…

They come in 4 colours, but I think the white ones are the best-looking ones, especially for lofts, and modern homes and apartments. I love this find a lot! SO UNUSUAL AND EYE-CATCHING!

sky planter